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    Re: which camera?

    Originally posted by Josh View Post
    In all the times you have offered to fly off to these exotic locations on someone else's dime have they ever taken you up on it?
    last time i went to ohio, they picked up the tab

    but then again, i had to make up a milkshake with a k-60 and used cutter to win that one

    now if we have any kiwis/ new zealanders on board

    i'll be in your town end of november. so if there is some goodies you need me to pack, let me know and i'll give you my itinerary.

    it's not like i don't like mixing business with pleasure

    have ridgid tools, will travel

    phoebe it is


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      Re: which camera?

      I have a General. I can't really say anything bad about it, it's preformed quite well over the years, BUT when something does go wrong, I'm on my own. No one to turn to for advice etc. If I can't figure it out on my own she has to be shipped $$$$$.

      My next new system will be a Sea Snake as this forum and it's members have a wealth of information that you just can't get with any other system.
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        Re: which camera?

        Prior to buying the Vivax, the only camera I had ever used was the Ridgid color mini. I went to Vivax largely because I was getting more and more frustrated with vhs recording, and was searching for digital recording solutions, and I was having annoying reliability problems with my ridgid equipment.

        The reliability problems are atypical; I seem to be the only one with the wierd issue I have (the sondes keep coming on and going off kind of on their own when I bump the connectors... I've bought new cables from reels to monitors, replaced the connector at the monitor, given up and shipped them to seektech, etc etc... still there and I've resolved to just live with it as I bump it a few more times and it gets back in the mood and I'm tired of throwing money at it).

        But finding a solution to vhs still needed to be done.

        Vivax's unit works well for that, but buying that one also pointed up how spoiled I've been by Ridgid's reel/pushrod/camera. I'd grown accustomed to what I can do with a color mini, and expected that much from any mini, and was pretty disappointed at how sharply Vivax failed to measure up. I kinked a pushrod and cracked a camera lens on the Vivax doing things that were just normal day to day work with the Ridgid. In fact, on the very job that I wrecked the Vivax on (jumping a lip in 4" clay ~80' or so out from a cleanout), I was able to complete it with ease with the Ridgid. I made sure this was not just a one off occurance; I made the distance I needed with the Ridgid mini repeatedly, was never able to do so with the Vivax mini, and was only with some effort able to do so with the Vivax full size.

        I push my cameras pretty hard; I've learned a lot of little tricks and methodologies that allow me to do a lot more than is claimed as capable with a Ridgid color mini. I do that with most all my equipment; push it till I find it's limits, then know what I can and can't accomplish with it. And I just can't do with the Vivax what I can do with the Ridgid, and the cost savings evaporate when I have to carry both a mini and full size reel with Vivax to do what I can do with just the Ridgid mini, and doubly so as the cost is just one hit; space in the van is actually the bigger hit.

        And, now that Ridgid has brought a dvd solution to market, and the drain micro, and with the products in the works, that's just the way to go for me. I have two vans out 5 days, one on weekends, and am just waiting for the econ to pick up again and we'll be up to where I can add a third van, and it'll kind of explode after that if we want to let it.

        This is significant because as we add more vans out there, the equipment needs to be standardized to where any guy can hop in any guy's van and do a productive day. I'm choosing the camera mfr to go to bed with for the next 15 yrs now, and from what I've seen it's Ridgid. There are plenty of mfr's I have not yet tried, but I've quit caring. Ridgid does what I need it to. If any other mfrs are confident enough that theirs will measure up to send me one to try, I will. But I'm not laying out enough to buy another color mini reel just to find out that it doesn't measure up to Ridgid again.
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          Re: which camera?

          Thanks heaps ace for your generosity with this post both with your time and information. I have absolutely made up my mind to get the colour mini now! I realy appreciate all the advice from this forum and I now know I will be safe if I stick with the Ridgid gear.. Thanks again ace for the comparison thats exactly what I needed to get me over the line!!


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            Re: which camera?

            Just ordered my new gear!!!

            200ft ridgid colour mini reel and camera
            mini pack monitor
            navitrack scout

            It can't get here quick enough....I needed it yesterday on a sewer job and today on a storm water blockage!

            Thanks for the advice!