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    Re: What do I buy

    Originally posted by AFM View Post

    Your not talking about rugby league are you thats not football its a woosies girly boys game like grid iron and soccer, foot ball is Australian Rules the AFL a mans games where one get dirty inside and out where you brake the rules and your out where man can be a man and swear and cuss thats football.

    I have never hurt like I did getting a rugby boot down my left shin in a scrum... I still have the scars Good Times!

    Australian rules is the only way to play the game, to bad the Aussies have forgot how... Give a ring to the All Blacks for some lessons on how to play the game properly



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      Re: What do I buy

      Plumber Rick I had a conversation today with another forum member and he says you appear to be a smart operator. You mentioned the new compact DVD recorder with the 5"screen. One question our rep couldnt answer today was what happens if you have a battery installed and you are running on mains power and you lose the mains power. Will the battery kick in like on a notebook computer does and prevent loss of data. Any ideas or comments are welcomed. Thanks again for your help and knowledge


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        Re: What do I buy

        the great think about the new dvdpak 5.7'' lcd unit is the ability to use the 18volt l-ion battery and or the a/c power supply.

        on my last trip out of state, i never plugged in the unit to a power cord.

        as long as you don't go dead while recording, finalizing, you're fine.

        if you're plugged into a/c and have a battery installed, the a/c is the primary source and the battery is the back up. the battery will automatically kick in if the a/c gets unplugged.

        the battery last a few hours without the dvd running. if you're just viewing and not recording.

        if you need to swap batteries without running on a/c power, very simple. turn off the unit and swap the battery. turn it back on and all is fine. nothing lost. the unit warns about your battery level before shut down.

        all my other monitors are collecting dust since my dvdpak showed up last month

        now the new 10'' lcd monitor has 2 batteries and they work the same way. you could run on 1 battery or 2 for longer run time. they are also "hot" swappable. if 1 battery goes low, you can swap it while still running as long as the other battery is good.

        my trick is to keep the battery in as a backup and use a/c. if i need to move around, let the battery take over until i plug in. this way i'm always covered.

        please note that the monitor running on a/c will not charge the battery. only the charger will charge the battery.

        the battery is the same one as the new propress units so now i have enough batteries to run a golf cart

        i'll be in n.z. next month if you need a demo

        phoebe it is