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Owner of sea snake for 6 months My review

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  • Owner of sea snake for 6 months My review

    I would like to share with you guys my thought on the new lcd monitor and 200 foot colour full size reel after 6 months.
    The choice to purchase this equipment was to make my company more rounded, Before I would be working blinded and would use my experience to get by, I would sub out or rent a camera for the day if I really needed it. The cost with navitrack 2 came in around 18 grand.
    I have used it maybe 8 times, our latest yellow pages advert which came out in sept09 now shows that we have a camera and the the calls are coming in every week, and I pretict I will be getting busier as time goes bye. My customers are attracted to my advert as it shows them we have the right equipment to get the job done.
    I like owning this equipment as I like my schedule, I hate renting or waiting for somebody.
    The only thing I would like is a plastic case for the monitor, I still keep it in the cardboard box it came in( came with nice foam padding). My van gets pretty loaded sometimes and stuff get piled in, I hit the brakes and you know it's rolling around!!!
    The monitor itself is very nice, at first I kanda forgot the buttons but Im getting better with each use, the navitrack 2 screen is great, lot of buttons and options, customers love the noise the thing makes.
    My advice for someone buying this and thinking overnight they are gonna get busy think again. My business keeps busy with reno 's and other projects so for me I not bothered if it collects dust for a while. I would have pulled my hair out looking at all the money sitting there if I wasnt so busy.
    I have to figure out how to put our company logo on the screen if possible and will look at a dvd recorder down the road.
    So no regrets with the purchase, I sometimes get worried about somebody stealing it, so I think ridgid should add a gps device to help with recovery, something like lowjack?
    Thanks to everyone who helped me back when I was making decisions!!!