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Looking for an ANVIL!

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  • Looking for an ANVIL!

    Hey guys Im new to this site and forum. I was Looking to buy an anvil and I was directed to the rigid website from a smithing web site. Rigid does carry or atleast ditribute anvis (I put it in a search and found them) but since im new I had a hard time finding a price.
    If someone could give me a few tips on how to navigate the site or maybe even locate an anvil from rigid!

    Thank you

    Perris CA

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    Re: Looking for an ANVIL!

    Originally posted by marro1980 View Post
    Hey guys Im new to this site and forum. I was Looking to buy an anvil

    Perris CA
    Welcome to the forum MR. A common mistake made by people is that this is not a branch of the forum that helps you to locate tools. This is a branch that, "
    General Discussion on Utility Locates and Sonde Locating Equipment" (Discusses tools that locates underground services)

    That said, if you go back to the Ridgid Home page, and look under Where to Buy



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      Re: Looking for an ANVIL!

      Thank you mick!


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        Re: Looking for an ANVIL!

        Hi Marro, welder here. I have a ships anvil , must be close to 300 lbs. Paid $125 Years ago
        Best place is the hobart forum, weld talk. Great group of Guys, just like here. Also Shop floor talk. Buy My Iron from Van Bebber Bros. Petaluma. Allum. TCI Hayward.
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          Re: Looking for an ANVIL!

          If you can find a good used one your wallet will be happier, but it is nice to see that there still made,

          Farm auctions, some times Ebay, antique shops some times, (I do not remember what mine cost me, but it was under $100, and is a nice anvil, about 100 to 150 pounds,
          I still want to set my forge up and learn to do some more blacksmithing type work, maybe some time.
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