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count plus issue???

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  • count plus issue???

    The other day I turned on my mini seesnake plus and the screen came on but the black square in the middle for the count plus never went away as it usually does. As this was happening I could clearly see the image on the outer edges and the camera was working fine, just the count plus ridgid sign wouldn't go away from the middle of the screen.

    I turned it off then on again several times but it wouldn't go away.

    I turned it off and took the battery off then refitted it and after several attempts the screen went back to normal and I could continue to inspect the drain.

    Has this happened to anyone else? The local rep couldn't explain it and it hasn't happened again but it worries me a bit that something might be wrong with it.

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    Re: count plus issue???

    epc, was this just the intro screen for the count plus that came up and wouldnt go away? Do you happen to have the version # of the countplus from that intro screen?

    I havent heard of this one yet and would really like to get down to the bottom of this one. If this ever happens again please post again on this thread. And if you get the cahnce that version # off the countplus intro screen would be really useful as well.

    Let me know,




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      Re: count plus issue???

      Josh it was the intro which normally only stays on the screen momentarily then goes away. I will check the version No. and post it so you can chase it up.


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        Re: count plus issue???

        Josh sorry to take so long to post but have been caught up with all the Christmas / New Years carry on.

        Have used the camera a bit and not had the issue at all since the first time I posted but I finally wrote down the version no.2036-1018. if it does happen again I will let you know but it hasn't missed a beat since.

        I have to say I'm still stoked with the colour mini set up I have. It suits my work perfectly. Its a great bit of gear I don't know why I waited so long to get one. Oh yeh now I remember it cost so much down here in Australia!. Doh!

        But I wouldn't be without one.