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  • dvdpak

    who has this?


    record/burn reliable? get it first try everytime?

    who likes the oled? anyone not like the lcd?

    josh? any plans for a flash memory/thumbdrive/similar feature for the dvdpak?
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    Re: dvdpak

    No current plans to add digital into the DVDPak. You can always use the microEXPLORER and digital adapter to cover that though. We do have another solution that may be interesting for you that should be launching at the pumper show so stay tuned.

    BTW... i like the DVDPak ... i know my opinion doesnt count since I am the product manager but I have used it quite a bit and works well for me.



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      Re: dvdpak

      I've had the OLED for a few months now. Have not had any problems.

      I was able to figure it out right away.

      I like being able to grab it, my mini and my scout all in one swoop from the truck.

      Recording is easy.

      If I can figure it out, you can.

      cold weather doesn't seem to bother it- we'll see how it makes it through it's first winter.

      I was concerned about the screen size when I bought it, but it's not been an issue for me.

      I was also a little disappointed the image won't invert, but last I checked, water only runs on the bottom of the pipe.

      All that being said, I don't have anything to compare to except the worn out general that I rented a few times.


      It's kinda funny- I totalled a truck this summer and was faced with spending the ins. money or paying income tax on the claim. I didn't need the truck and was on the fence about a camera, which one etc. You were kind enough to let me bend your ear with a bunch of questions on the bus at the roundup and based on our conversations, i wound up with the mini. You gave me the kind of info I was looking for.

      Thanks- Todd.


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        Re: dvdpak

        We got one about 3 months ago. 1st camera. I was concerned with the size, but it's fine. I am quite please with it. Records 1st time, no problem.

        A week after we go it, one of our GC's called, wanting to know who could televise the inside of a chimney. He was happy when I told him we could! (So was I!) I'm glad that unit has a shoulder strap.

        BTW, our local Ridgid rep, Andy, is great. He has been a great help with tech support, and demo's (Thanks, Andy!!)


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          Re: dvdpak

          i have the lcd dvd pak. it's great and has always finalized the dvd. it's a sony unit inside and i have a few back ups when and if it ever fails

          i also like the fact that the unit has a battery and a cord. i am covered even if the cord gets unplugged.

          i have the flip/ invert button, but never use it as the image will only show on the monitor and not record the flipped image. as we all know, water is our best friend with determining the locations.

          i don't need to worry about the cold, so i went with the lcd.

          you probably need the smaller oled unit.

          p.s. i've actually have traveled alot with this unit as carry on baggage. wish it could play back dvd's on the big screen

          save your money on the battery and charger. get them from ebay

          p.s it's the same lit-ion as the new propress units and makita will fit as long as you have the makita charger. the ridgid charger will not fit the makita battery

          also the units are pretty water / rain/ snow tight

          phoebe it is


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            Re: dvdpak

            i just go the OLED for my 30 below temps here. i got the whole bundle battery & charger too. i have not used it outside yet. but i got it to leave in my van. and not have to worry about it.
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              Re: dvdpak

              Thanks for the heads up with the Makita battery!