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  • Lose Information on disk..........

    Have lcd monitor with dvd burner. Sometimes, more often then not i will lose information on disk if unit is unpluged before disk is finalized. We go into large Supper Markets to do pre site surveys and make as builts based on this information. Sometimes Cleanouts are a long way apart. further then cords streach. Its gotten to the point that I have to finalize the disk after just one run down a line. Wish they would come up with a large screen battery operated unit that would use like an sd card to store information. Sometimes I think for the price of this equipment it could keep up with current technology

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    Re: Lose Information on disk..........

    Use the Archos with a y splitter to record digital as a back up, or piggy back the ridgid dvdpack battery unit as a back up. Or get a gel cell battery on a handtruck to meet your needs.
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      Re: Lose Information on disk..........

      I'm happy with the Microexplorer screen size I keep a laptop handy to pop the SD card into if I want to see the video's on a 17" screen.

      The Micro Explorer will do everything you are asking:
      -interface with existing ridgid equipment
      -cordless / rechargeable
      -SD card (I have a 16 gig card in mine that will record about 6 hours)



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        Re: Lose Information on disk..........

        use rewritable discs for your mastering. no need to finalize until you're completely finished and tell it so. you can then xfer the master to a computer for editing, VO, whatever and reuse or archive the rewritable disc

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          Re: Lose Information on disk..........

          Originally posted by RountreePlumber View Post
          Sometimes, more often then not i will lose information on disk if unit is unpluged before disk is finalized.
          You should not lose any information as long as you Stop the recording (Stop, not Pause) and then power down the unit. When you press Stop, the recorder closes the file, which takes 15 - 20 seconds, and during this time you will see the message "Stopping" displayed on screen. If you turn the unit Off or unplug it while it's stopping, you will lose the video you just recorded.

          If you are waiting for the disk to fully stop before powering down and find that you are still losing information (I've never seen this, btw), then you may want to try recording onto a DVD +RW disk. +RW is the only format that can be played in another unit without being finalized (-RW needs to be finalized), so once you've finished recording you can hand the disk directly to your customer and it will work just fine.


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            Re: Lose Information on disk..........

            There are tools out there to retrieve the data from "unclosed" single- or multi-session recordable optical media. I had to use one several years ago when somebody sent me an unfinalized disk.

            I imagine Google would be your friend here...