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Micro Drain victorious in hot tub battle

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  • Micro Drain victorious in hot tub battle

    Sorry, no pics.

    Hot tub skimmer suction line, 1 1/2", ~60' run via many pressure 90's from skimmer basket to filter room. Got in from skimmer basket maybe 15' to the third 90. Nothing in there but water, but there are obvious scrape marks in the scum on the pipe walls like something was dragged through. Go in from a union at the pump in the filter room, through a pressure 90, and bam, there it is lodged in the next 90. fortunately still in the exposed piping in the filter room. Cut it and get the rock and ping pong ball out of it.

    According to the property manager, the problem began ~2 years ago and has killed multiple pumps from cavitation since then, ~$2k worth. An hour with the Micro Drain and it's fixed.

    1 1/2" pressure 90's can be done.
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    Re: Micro Drain victorious in hot tub battle

    very good alex

    i posted about this with photos. 1.5'' no guide ball. 2'' with guide ball.

    amazing camera that is locatable for the pool piping industry, leak detection.

    phoebe it is