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To self level or not self level...

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  • To self level or not self level...

    Looking at getting a see snake plus. Any one have experience with both the self leveling model and the non self leveling model. Just wondering if its worth the extra $$$ or not . Thanks!

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    Re: To self level or not self level...

    non of my dozen cameras are self leveling and non have been in for service

    phoebe it is


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      Re: To self level or not self level...

      i've never used my camera yet and thought I wish I had self leveling. I'm glad I did not spend the extra loot on it.


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        Re: To self level or not self level...

        I've had no camera related problems with either my self leveling or non self leveling cameras. The self leveling is really more for the customer than the operator.

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          Re: To self level or not self level...


          Just looking for an update, if anyone has had issues with the self-leveling feature?

          It seems silly to me to go with a seesnake and not get the self leveling feature as most of the competition have added that feature.

          I think Mark is dead on about the feature being for customers. When I camera, I give a recording to the customer 100% of the time and I would like the recording to be as easy to view as possible.

          Any hidden repair costs that I should keep in mind?

          I've heard that sometimes the self-leveling feature sometimes has issues when the ball guides are used?