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SeeSnake Micro Cat 31118

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  • SeeSnake Micro Cat 31118

    Anyone here bought/used the SeeSnake Micro Cat#31118 (3/4"). My intended use wil be mostly looking in wall/ floor cavities (althought I know its waterproof).
    Some Specs:
    *2.4" Color LCD (234 X 160 Resolution)
    *1 or 2 Adjustable LEDs
    *3' RCA Cable (included)
    *4 AA Batteries (6 hrs. of continuous run-time)

    Its $229 CDN at Home Depot.

    Any comments?

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    Re: SeeSnake Micro Cat 31118

    I've owned 2 but sold both to purchase the MicroExplorer.

    The 31118 is a great unit for what it does. The RCA cord that comes with it is too short (3ft?) if you want to record to a device. You need at least 6' but 10' would be better. If you don't plan to record then purchase the previous version (without the RCA jack) and save a few bucks.

    It never lasted more than 3-4 hours even with new batteries.

    Buy the 3 foot extention and a 9mm head to go along with it. They will come in handy.