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Old Blue DeepSee SeeSnake Upgradeable?

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  • Old Blue DeepSee SeeSnake Upgradeable?

    Quick question. I was wondering is there a way I can install a footage counter into my old Blue DeepSee SeeSnake? If so what are the part #'s There has been a few times I wished I had a footage counter, but most of the time I just locate the transmitter, or put tape on the push rod, pull it out and measure from the tape to the camera head.
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    Re: Old Blue DeepSee SeeSnake Upgradeable?

    ron, it can be done, but you need a new hub and then the counter plus. not a cheap upgrade.

    honestly a roll of 5 different colored tapes is all i use to use on my old blue then do a voice over on your cd.

    even on my jetter hoses it works and wears great.

    i think irguy will have an answer to your part numbers and cost.

    phoebe it is