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  • Ridgid KD-4550 Locator

    Who knows what a error code on a KD 4550 locator breaks down to?
    When we shift from locate to depth we get error, and the # 55.

    We have the unit set right on the proper frequency and mode, and put new batteries in it. This is a new problem on a old gal that has served us well for years.

    Any information would be helpful, Thanks
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    Re: Ridgid KD-4550 Locator

    My guess is you will have to wait until Monday and ask tech support by phone.

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      Re: Ridgid KD-4550 Locator

      Had one for almost 10 years before it was stolen a few months ago. Never saw that error message

      Didn't see anything in the manual about error codes.


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        Re: Ridgid KD-4550 Locator

        Error code #55 on the KD 4550 indicates that there is a problem with the circuit board and/or the keypad. If you send it to the RIDGID repair center, they will determine if it can be fixed and quote the repair for you.

        Before you invest a significant amount in repairing the KD 4550, you may want to consider getting a demo on some of the new RIDGID locating equipment. The technology has come a long way since the KD 4550 and I think you will be impressed with the new features such as the visual display and Omni-Directional antenna technology which makes for easier and more accurate locates.


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          Re: Ridgid KD-4550 Locator

          if you're interested i have a good working 4550 and a new 4510 that i can part with.

          but as mentioned. the newer units are much easier to work and locate with.

          a great camera locator is the scout and it does 99% of my locates.

          phoebe it is


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            Re: Ridgid KD-4550 Locator

            I have one and use it daily. I get 55 all the time, there is nothing wrong with it; just the signal is too weak to calculate a depth; either you are not over the sonde or it is too deep. Depth function for me, with the sonde on the mini reel, is good to about 10', maybe 12'-15' but not as accurate, less in cast iron. In plastic to 8' or so it's within inches.
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