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DVDBase vs. LT1000

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  • DVDBase vs. LT1000


    We are looking to upgrade our system.

    One of the things we are looking into is the possibility of the DVDBase, but I have a few questions for the people who have used it. Just by looking at the images and the limited reviews, is there a drawback with the screen size? Has there been hindrances if you switch to the DVDBase from the VHS? Any general comments?

    We are also looking into the LT1000 idea. I understand that it is not out yet, but wondering what your overall views are to this idea.

    Jesse T.

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    Re: DVDBase vs. LT1000

    keep in mind the dvd base has a tiny tiny screen. you might want to think about the dvdpak. it has either the 4.3'' oled or 5.7'' lcd screen.

    the lt1000 has what ever size laptop you connect to it. it also has editing software that allows you to send reports from your computer or burn dvd's or usb memory stick. plus the hardware is less expensive if you already have a laptop.

    phoebe it is