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Wish I had a locator

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  • Wish I had a locator

    I've been working almost full time for another contractor lately.

    He mostly does heating work, but does a little dirtwork in the summertime as well.

    Recently, things have been kinda slow, so he decided to play in the dirt around his property.

    The day after he dozed some dirt around, and pushed down some trees near the property line.... He gets a call from the neigbor.

    "my wireless dog fence stopped working after you were over there with your dozer"

    He figures i've probably got something up my sleeve to fix it, so he calls me to look at it.

    The only thing I had to trace the wire was a tone and probe; Which just BARELY worked.

    I was able to find the wire in a few spots, and expose it to prove that it was not damaged anywhere near the recent work (well behind the property line as well)

    This time I was lucky....

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    Re: Wish I had a locator

    I'll take a little luck any day. Nice job!


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      Re: Wish I had a locator

      As the outside salesman at Trade Tools, I sell Geneye locators and Ridgid/Seektech. I went to an unbaised course on locating and they explained how locators work and why the SR-20 is all that and a bag of chips. The SR-20 is very accurate and user friendly. I was able to watch the DVD and figure out how to use it in only a couple of hours. I have always used the ST-305 transmitter (5 watt) and I have always been able to accuratly locate utilities.