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  • A little Help Here Please

    Am Looking to Purchase my first Camera system and locator, It all seems Modular so I dont know what I need, I want 200 ft, dvd, and the ability to locate... Help me out


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    Re: A little Help Here Please

    Most components work together, so you can mix and match many of the different reel and monitor options. A lot depends on the dia. of pipe you'll be dealing with and type of application.

    I would get a 200' color standard reel with the transmitter built in on the head and the Navitrack scout locator. Skip the self leveling imo. One more thing to go wrong unless you think your customers will like it. I use the camera more for my own diagnostic purposes (as opposed to using it as a sales tool to sell a dig job.

    Do you have a rugged job site worthy laptop that has a dvd burner? If so check out the new laptop adapter system. Otherwise the toolbox monitor with dvd burner will last you years. Well worth the investment.

    If you want the best, stick with Seesnake over any other brand.

    Thant's my suggestion.

    I'm sure others will have suggestions too.

    For the best in sales and service call Allan J Coleman in Chicago, IL. They are the best Seesnake dealer in the country.They'll ship to Montana and have the best prices. here's their website:

    Ask for Shane. He'll answer any questions you might have about the line.

    Best luck with your investment.

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