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Microexplorer error message

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  • Microexplorer error message

    I'm sure it's something simple but it's driving me crazy. When I power on I get an "Error [4] Entering playback mode" message. How do I get rid of it? and get this thing back on line. As a side note - if I immediately turn it off and back on again it work for about 5 seconds then freezes up with an error message. Any tips would be apppreciated.

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    Re: Microexplorer error message

    Try it with and without the camera lens attached

    Also pull the SD card out and swap it with another

    Update the software online

    Take it to a service center


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      Re: Microexplorer error message

      PCrack gives you some good advice... If changing the SD card and updating the software if needed didnt fix anything then the next step would be getting it back to us here at the factory. Our ISC's do not currently repair the Explorer units. See below for a little more info.

      Error 4 is a Video Communication Error – This normally occurs when data was lost in the communication path. The error is typically fixed by cycling power. It sounds like in your case this is not fixing the issue though. Unfortunately the root cause of this could be one of a few areas. The best thing to do is contact customer service for an RMA and let us evaluate the issue under warranty.
      If you know anyone else who owns one see if you can put their imager on your unit with the same result. If you don't get the error you know it is the imager that is causing the issue and you can arrange with your distributor to obtain a new imager. If you do, then the unit will need to come back to the factory regardless.

      Sorry for your trouble. Feel free to contact Tech support at 800-519-3456.