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  • which camera?

    Ridgid colar compact with 100 feet or b&w mini with 200 feet?

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    Re: which camera?

    The mini B/W would be my choice because of the stiffer pushrod and B/W is fine. And the 200 ft is a real plus because of 125 ft sewers and because it can be repaired and cut down and still be used , you cut down a 100ft and get to 66 and you won't be able to do a lot of jobs.
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      Re: which camera?

      I too would go with the black and white. If you do a lot of dye testing of drains and need to see the colors then go with the color system.
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        Re: which camera?

        i guess you're buying a used system as the b&w mini ss is no longer avaliable.

        i too would go for the b&w mini 200' if you can find it. otherwise get the 200' color.

        phoebe it is