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seetech sr-20 or sr-60

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  • seetech sr-20 or sr-60

    hope someone can help with this discision my sr-20 has to go for recalibration will be away for 4 - 8 weeks so was going to buy a new locator as we cant be without . does the sr-60 make locates easier , faster or more exact . or should i stick with sr-20 which has worked pretty good . does anyone have any expierience with using sr-60 . we do all locates gas /hydro /sewer /water and phone .

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    Re: seetech sr-20 or sr-60

    Probably the biggest advantage of the SR60 is the increased frequency range. While the SR20 tops out at 35kHz, the SR60 can go all the way up to 490kHz. The higher frequencies are particularly useful on pipe made of less conductive materials (such as cast and ductile iron) and also on lines with gaskets between sections. Also, when applying a signal inductively, i.e. “dropping the box”, higher frequencies commonly result in a better signal on the buried utility.

    The SR60 also has a Simultrace feature that allows you to simultaneously sonde and line trace. The larger display is also easier to read than the SR20. The SR60 display and menus are very similar to the SR20, so you will have no problem learning how to use it if you are familiar with the SR20.