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  • Allen J Coleman

    Proud new owner of a seesnake mini and a color compact monitor all bought from Allen J Coleman. Thanks to all on this site for all the advice. I am glad that I went with the mini. First job was over 100' and pushing this camera out that far was to easy. I replaced my Vivax with this set up. My advice to anyone do not buy a vivax not a good camera and high reterm cost and the push rod stinks. Special thanks to Marvin at Allen J Coleman for getting me a deal within my budget. I went to pick the camera up at there shop and I sat and talked with Marvin for awhile and saw everything they had there. If you need it they will have it or they will get it for you. Thanks.

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    Re: Allen J Coleman

    Marvin just needs to get in more Ro-Pumps. lol They are a great shop, I been saying that for years. Marvin is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to this business.
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      Re: Allen J Coleman

      We are hearing the same thing over here. I have never bought or sold a Vivax, only Ridgid gear. I won't put my name to anything that has not been tested and proven in the market. Ridgid gear sells itself and it is heavy duty compared to some if the crap camera gear coming on the market today.

      A few years ago we purchased a mini fibre optic camera with an infra red lens. Very cool bit of gear. The camera head stopped working after a few demo's. We sent the head for repair and have not seen it or the two bit company since

      I tell plumbers all the time, spend a little more and buy quality gear. If one of my cameras let me down on a job it could cost a whole lot more than the savings on a cheap camera!!!
      Regards, Bill

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