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  • Wireless camera

    Has Ridgid looked into a "wireless" camera that would thread onto a reel of pushrod? Seems like it may be a bit more cost effective as the most one could kind of build up to a camera/locating set up.

    For example, I have a laptop SR-60 locator, ST-33 Transmitter and Jameson 300' Push rod. All i would need is a camera and a reciever to work with my laptop.

    Just an idea, saw the security guy on a job today installing some wireless cameras and figured... hey why not?

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    Re: Wireless camera

    Probably possible, but very difficult (which translates into spendy and excessively complex).


    300'+ range
    Long operating time (2+ hours min)
    Able to transmit through any type of pipe
    including cast iron
    Able to resist interference from multiple sources of broadband RF noise and adjacent underground utilities
    RF link will need to be two-way to allow for remote adjustment of lighting
    etc. etc. etc.

    And the kicker:

    Because it will be necessary to transmit a signal back from underground, it will need to be a low-frequency (not Ghz) device which would likely require FCC approval - an arcane, monstrous process few dare to attempt unless you are going to mass produce millions of whatever-it-is and it's worth it to ya...