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Camera head issue on see snake...

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  • Camera head issue on see snake...

    I have a see snake b&w camera that the head is broken. I was using it and the picture went out. I pulled out the camera to find the front lense missing. I suspect water got inside the camera and messed something up. The lights still come on and the locater works, but no picture. I have rented camera's several times, before purchasing my own, and never had any issues with the lense's. Can the camera head be repaired, or will it need replaced entirely? I already know if i send it in for warranty work, they will probably just say i abused it. Are there reconditioned heads at reasonable pricing? Love the camera very much, but can't believe the pricing on everything. Just looking for some thoughts or suggestions as to help me get up and running again at a decent price......

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    Re: Camera head issue on see snake...

    what model camera? b&w has been phased out. you good upgrade to a color or see if there's a b&w replacement out there.

    do you do jetting with the camera in the line?

    i've only had an issue 1 time with jetting and it was a slight leak. never had the sapphire lens fall off.

    post your model of the seesnake and there should be a vendor that has a replacement camera in stock.

    phoebe it is


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      Re: Camera head issue on see snake...

      Call Jim Smith at Central Oklahoma Winnelson and see if he can get a reconditioned B/W head for you:


      That's where I get mine - last time I got one (03/2007) it was $443.35. I just send the dead one in.

      They can be repaired.


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        Re: Camera head issue on see snake...

        Thanks for the info on the camera. I have a see snake plus system that is black and white. I hope they still have some b&w heads available someplace or this one can be repaired. Im just a small, one man operation, and it took me awhile just to be able to afford this smaller set up. I have only had this camera a couple years if that. Figures i would buy something that would be discontinued and obsolete, lol. Surely these camera's can still be repaired. Looks like this Mr. Smith is the guy to call for answers.. I dont think i can afford an upgrade to color at the moment..
        Yes, i have jetted with the camera in the line, but always make sure the camera is far enough back to prevent damage. This has only been done a few times and i dont think it has anything to do with the lense coming out. I have also pulled the camera a few times with the jet when pushing could not be done anymore, but this was done carefully and never at full pressures. I am an owner / operator and try to take care of my tools to the best of my ability as i have to purchase, maintain, and repair everything myself. I dont think there is not a see snake operator that has not done some creative things with the camera to get the job done.


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          Re: Camera head issue on see snake...

          Brock Tool in Livonia Michigan keeps several replacement cameras in stock 800-899-9331