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Power up color monitor?

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  • Power up color monitor?

    Hello, I just recently purchased a color monitor seesnake compact. I am having issues with the powering up the monitor. It takes several minutes for the monitor turn on to where i have visual of the camera, leaving me with minutes of grayness. I have the older black and white version of this camera and never had this issue. Is this just a color thing? dont know if this is normal or something i should have someone look at?

    any answers would help me....

    p.s.- love the fourm! come on here all the time....

    thanks! derrick

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    Re: Power up color monitor?

    i don't own a compact, but the monitor should come to life in a matter of seconds.

    i once had a color monitor for a reverse camera that was black and white. the monitor didn't recognize the black and white and would shut off. i don't think this is your issue though as the compact came in both b&w and color.

    josh or irguy will know for sure.

    phoebe it is


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      Re: Power up color monitor?

      As Rick suggested, you should have a beautiful full color image in a matter of seconds. I suggest calling RIDGID Technical Service at 800.519.3456 - they'll get you taken care of quickly.


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        Re: Power up color monitor?

        OK thanks to you guys both. i thought this was an issue. my black and white compact comes on immediately, so i figured this was an issue...

        which totally sucks but hey ...

        thanks again