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    We've been looking into buying a Ridgid camera system and were wondering which system would you purchase if: 1) most lines are 4" to 6" house lines 2) most are between 75' to 150' 3) would like to record the job 4) might have to do a few smaller lines 1 1/2" to 3"
    Just trying to find out from the users of these cameras which is the most versatile and gives you the most bang for the buck.

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    Re: Ideal System

    I'm no expert. Sounds like you need two cameras. Or maybe two pushrod setups and one monitor/recording system.

    200' of fullsize & maybe the 100' MicroReel.



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      Re: Ideal System

      color mini/cs1000 if you want expandability

      mini will do limited 1 1/2, won't do traps in 1 1/2 or 2 but will do pipe. Does 2" w/o traps nicely, 1 1/2 only a few bends.

      mini will do 6", but not super long runs; the pushrod gets mushy at distance with that much room to move.

      I like this system despite the cost as you can add a micro drain or micro reel for small traps, and add a full size for bigger lines. Once you start doing camera work you'll want to use it everywhere. And once the word gets out that you have the capability you'll start getting calls for other size stuff and this system expands in both directions.

      explorer/micro reel is much cheaper, but limits you to 100'... same cam/rod as compact and flat pack I'm told (I've used micro reel, micro drain, mini). might consider compact if it comes in 150', but think you'd need to add a recording solution. Might be my choice if I had 5 vans to put it on as it does the most for the least, and buy one more $ system for the capability when the not run of the mill jobs come up. On the other hand, If I had 5 vans to kit out I might go cs/mini as you could then have one extra reel as a spare for all of them, and one full size reel for big lines, and it would all work with everything.
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