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spring promotion--LT count as monitor?

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  • spring promotion--LT count as monitor?

    Josh: wondering, in regard to the Spring Promotion, for the $500 rebate, if I were to buy a reel, locator, and monitor--does the LT count as a monitor for rebate purposes? I was just about to order the LT when I saw the promotion. Thanks!

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    Re: spring promotion--LT count as monitor?

    Owing to the intense interest in this thread, I thought I might provide the answer: no. Ridgid would love for you to buy a camera (I'm getting the mini), and a locator (I'm getting the sr60), but if you want the "very powerful solution" and some of the "big advantages" of the LT, well, that will not qualify for the $500 rebate. I know--get over it. But the combination I'm getting costs significantly more than several of the other combinations, which do qualify. All right, I'm dropping it.