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ridgid's lifetime warranty--monitors

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  • ridgid's lifetime warranty--monitors

    What I want is the LT1000, but since it may not qualify for the $500 Spring Fling Promotion rebate (for buying camera, locator, monitor), I may end up getting the LCDpak. Curious, though, what I'm left with if in, say, four years the lcd monitor fails, or the keypad. Does Ridgid's warranty cover that, and if not, I wonder how likely it is that I could find another monitor that would fit the LCDpak? If one of the keypad buttons no longer worked after four or five years, is that likely a warranty item? The appeal of the LT1000 is that seemingly there's less to go wrong. I don't mind carrying an extra piece of equipment. I don't mind the extra precaution to keep it dry--I don't think. But what I do dread is having an expensive piece of equipment that becomes obsolete because of one weak link--which the LT1000 seems to minimize. Ridgid bills its seesnake as a "modular" system, which I like--and the LT is more in keeping with that. The LCDpak and DVDpak--a bit less so.

    The question is, does anyone know how Ridgid would typically handle a failed monitor, and how easy it would be to find another one that would fit, say, the LCDpak, down the road?


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    Re: ridgid's lifetime warranty--monitors

    It depends on what goes wrong with the monitor, if it just stops working because of a defect in the monitor then it is probably a warranty issue, but if it is determined to be a water issue which is common then you will be paying for the repairs. But ridgid has gone to great lengths to make the recent offerings pretty water resistant compared to say my ridgid dvd/lcd monitor which has water problems and must be kept very dry,(ask me how I learned this lol)
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