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playback error # 2 and 5

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  • playback error # 2 and 5

    i have used my mirco see snake 5 times and now i get playback error #2
    after start up No vison has this happen to anyone

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    Re: playback error # 2 and 5

    Which camera are you using your Explorer with? The 3' imager and cable or one of our microDrain/Reel products?

    Error 2 indicates a Digital Camera Sync Timeout – The timeout is a result of an improper initialization of the camera. Several things could cause this error, and if it persists, the unit will need to be sent in for service.

    Error 5 indicates a Camera Data Error – Caused by corrupt data from the camera. Very rare, but can occur during camera initialization. If cycling power does not clear the code, the camera is likely causing the problem.

    In a nutshell the body of the tool is not receiving the proper signal from the camera in both of these cases. The tool will default to playback mode once this happens. With the 3' imager and cable attached it is usually a result of the imager being damaged, with the microDrain/Reel products there are several possibilities.

    Feel free to contact Technical Support for further info 440-329-4800.


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      Re: playback error # 2 and 5

      thanks tech man its the 3' hand held i tryed 2 day and got error #1 and 2#
      i live in oz but brought it from usa $700 V $1200 here


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        Re: playback error # 2 and 5

        Sounds like an issue with the camera however without having the unit to inspect I cannot be certain of course. My suggestion is to contact our Australian division for product support.

        Ridge Tool Australia
        Campbellfield, Victoria 3061
        011 61 03 9930-7000