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  • Is this good Deal ??


    I was hoping someone might have some insight on a inspection camera I'm thinking of buying used.

    It's a Ridgid 200' SeeSnake Black and white camera with a B&W rigid tool box (5" or 6") monitor without any recording capabilities.

    This will be my 1st camera for my new business and all though it is an old system it seems like a good price to get my foot through the door.

    It's $1650.00 for the camera and the monitor and

    $1340.00 for the Ridgid Navi Track Locator with a case
    (Navi Track is the same as Navi Track II but doesn't fold up)

    Does this seem like a good investment or should I hold off until I can buy newer equipment?

    I was thinking I could always upgrade the monitor in the future to the LT1000 laptop interface system.

    Any info or opinions on this sale and gear would be much appreciated !



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    Re: Is this good Deal ??

    Depending what shape it's in, yes, that's a good price.

    I prefer the mini to the standard, but it all depends what you do with it.

    The reel will never be obsolete. Might need a new pushrod one day. pushrod is mostly what I'd be looking at in terms of condition.

    The camera head can be swapped for a color if you really want that. Might need a different monitor to display color. I don't find a great need for color, but it makes things a little easier to recognize sometimes.

    Some guys swear by self leveling, I could care less about it.

    There are third party recording devices (dvd burners, digital camcorders and dvr's; choose your poison) available if the monitor has a video out jack.
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      Re: Is this good Deal ??

      Its a good deal...can get a aftermarket monitor with built in VCR for like 100 bucks....color sometimes not all its cracked up to be...personally like b & w better contrast....
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        Re: Is this good Deal ??

        Same reply as I gave on Plumbing Zone.

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          Re: Is this good Deal ??

          Originally posted by ToUtahNow View Post
          Same reply as I gave on Plumbing Zone.

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            Re: Is this good Deal ??

            That is a pretty good deal for the reel and monitor. I would just check out the monitor well, and remember to unreel the reel the whole way and check for any week or bent spots. Even if it works now if it has a kink it is most likely in need of a retermination or new cable which can add up.

            On the locator you might want to hold off and get a new Ridgid Scout, you can find a new one a little cheaper than what you are paying for an old Navitrack, and if all you are doing is locating your camera head the Scout will work just fine.

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