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    To those who perform septic inspections, what do you do? Do you camera from house to tank, open inlet and outlet covers, camera from outlet to D-box, camera D-box outlets? If you do expose covers on tanks how far will you dig by hand before its time to use a machine? Does anyone have a form they use to present there findings to the customer? This is an area I am getting more calls for, and just want to present the info in the most profesional way possible.

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    Re: Septic Inspections

    The NAWT ( ) has an certification for septic inspectors. You might want to look into.

    I don't have a camera yet but I would inspect the line from the cleanout to the tank, the line between the d-box and tank and the drainfield. It is also very important to get the tank pumped and make sure it is in good condition and the baffles are in place.

    You can tell quite a bit about a drainfield just by observing the water level marks inside the tank. You can also tell if the tank is leaking water (poo)out.

    You should also stress test the drainfield by running water into it for 20 minutes or so. Keep in mind if the property is vacant, things are going to be very different when it starts getting regular use again.

    We hand dig everything. Sometimes it can be a real pain but I don't own an excavator of any kind so that's what I've got to do.

    Good luck,



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      Re: Septic Inspections

      Some the nicer inspections Ive seen have pic of the cover riser and the inside of the tank. I have had little call for people who want video of the field. A soil boring and a saturation test are what is really needed.