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  • Fog under the lense.....

    Hi guys just a quick question as a few times I have noticed during an inspection that there has been a very slight fog or mist arround the outer edge of the camera lense glass. It doesnt happen all the time and doesn't seem to affect the vision on the screen but it does seem not quite right.....
    Has this happened to any one else? My camera is a seesnake colour mini and it must be 18mths old now and gets a fair bit of use. The other thing is the plastic around the leds is sooo scratched now it must be affecting how much light gets out. Is there a way to polish or replace this?

    Thanks in advance

    Cheers Phil.

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    Re: Fog under the lense.....

    Your best bet is to stop by a service center and have them take a look at it. As far as a cause, most often this occurs when the camera head gets a bit to close to a jetter nozzle when down the line (not recommended). A jetter will actually break the seal and push moisture into the camera head enclosure. However, it is possible it could be caused by something else completely.

    Give our tech service department a call to discuss options when you get some free time. 1-800-519-3456
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      Re: Fog under the lense.....

      i had it happen 16 years ago on my original seesnake. had a very difficult job that needed the concrete joint cut in a 6'' sewer. i had the camera way too close to the jetter before i knew any better. now i keep it 5 ' back and stop the flow to take a better look.

      phoebe it is


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        Re: Fog under the lense.....

        Thanks guys.
        I allmost never jet with camera in line and when I have I have pulled the camera back a long way, well away from the jet so I dont think that is the cause.
        Josh do you know who a good service agent is in Melbourne Victoria, Australia? I have only heard of one and have never heard anything good about them.

        Any ideas on cleaning the plastic around the leds?

        Cheers Phil.