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The Meaning of "Life Time Warranty"

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  • The Meaning of "Life Time Warranty"

    I have a 5+ yr old see snake that has began to lose the image when objects become to close to the lens. This only occurs after the camera has been on for a short time. I have diagnosed the problem with tech support and they agreed the fault was with the camera head. An RGA was established and the head was returned to Ridge Tools for repair. No abuse, misuse or damage caused this fault! Now I have recieved an repair estimate of over $900 to referbish the unit! Now the question. Should this be a warranty issue? What is normal "wear and tear"? And what is a Lifetime Warranty for? The techs and supervisors I spoke with say that the camera has passed it's life expectancy! I can't find written proof of the life expectancy of this product. I have a new camera purchaced in the last month! Should I expect the same from this one? I don't feel this is a fair price to pay. What should i do?

    Johnny B

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    Re: The Meaning of "Life Time Warranty"

    Seesnakes are tough but, well they work in sewers I mean a sophisticated little camera that hits the bends of the inside of pipe, jumps over offsets, is in and out of water and chemicals that people put down the drains (acids) Things are gonna happen. Do you have a counter on your seesnake? If you do go into the menu and look at how many feet of pipe you have done with it (kinda like an odometer) Warranties are usually against workmanship etc. I use my cameras a lot and since I pay for them I try to treat them good so they will last but when you need a reterm or a camera head rebuilt it's just part of doing business for me. I do not know how much you have actually used yours and in what situations so I can not offer advice on warranties just tell you how I approach it. If I had a camera rebuilt and it failed very soon I would expect it to be repaired for free, but if I used it a few years then it would be on me. But again I use my cameras a lot.
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