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If you could only have 1 reel.....

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    Re: If you could only have 1 reel.....

    100' plus of 6'' i would get the full size seesnake. primarly for the stiffer rod. unless you plan on doing 1.5'' pipe, the standard will do 2'' as long as it's not a gunky kitchen line.

    the mini is a great camera, but your 6'' long clay might not get it to the city connection. can you rent the cameras and take them on a spin. ask the rental house what they tend to rent and why?

    it's worth talking to the locals as they have the first hand knowledge.

    but based on your last post, i would go big and not mini.

    the mini could be your next camera and then the micro reel and micro drain. heck do like me and buy them all

    phoebe it is


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      Re: If you could only have 1 reel.....

      Originally posted by PLUMBER RICK View Post
      heck do like me and buy them all

      That's my hope.....someday. I'm hoping to develop a niche for inspection work.

      The plus reel is by far the most popular around here. I was just hoping against hope that I could get by with the mini for now as it's so small, compact and versatile!

      Sounds like I've been talked out of the mini....oh well

      BTW, I have rented and used both. I've used the plus most often, but have used the mini in a few spots where the plus couldn't make the turn. We see quite a few clay tees on branch connections around here.....i know, bogus by today's standards but very common back in the day. I've found that a 4" line with multiple turns early then going to a long 50'+ run of 6" can be tricky for the big reel and cake for the mini....but the mini does struggle a bit from about 90' on in 6"

      However, there is a rental house that has a mini available to if I only need that once in a while I can always rent the reel for the day. Eventually the plan is to have a big reel, a mini and a micro. I really like the video work. I could do that all day long (and that's the plan someday)

      There's an ebay auction for a used LT1000 and standard color reel, but the reel only has 105'. If that thing had even 150' I'd be all over that thing like a pig on stink
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