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Long time listener, first time caller.

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  • Long time listener, first time caller.

    Sorry to start out with this question. I went to a customers home. Washer drain.. classic. Turns out sewer. He's on slab. No clean out I could find. Run from roof K-50. Tell helper probe it listen. Can't clear it can't hear it. Alright dig here. Bed rock and bricks. brick not a problem, But bedrock at about 2.5' water on it and everything. Not sewer water. Pulled tiolet in back of house water standing of course. Ran from there. No chance for K-1500 C cutter. Straight head little curve, got it. Big bill.>> Next week call back. Been running washer all day backing up. Takes a large amount of water back up. Washer is on opposite side of house with garage a small bath. Diagnose. Back bath is fine.Sewer branch needs cleaned. Pull toilet in small bath. Run and works. Hell of a call back. Needs clean-outs. Made drawing of layout which he took to head of HOA nextdoor. Guy has same set up and confirmed it. Says no clean outs in this area. Though I already knew. In one big bill. One callback. What would you do, or have done different. How do Ifind these lines. I have been to this home before, and before all this happened.

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    Re: Long time listener, first time caller.

    I would have put a camera in to see the real problem, or else it is just guessing. If you don't have one can you rent one or call somebody who has one. Hope you are not called back but if you are a camera will help.
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      Re: Long time listener, first time caller.

      I know that is the answer. camera and locate will git it done. I just feel bad about it. .Thanks for the advice happy new year.


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        Re: Long time listener, first time caller.

        I just rented a gen eye and locator last thur. $211 for both 1 day.Installed twin cleanouts,roded main
        $1800 aprox.
        I can build anything You want , if you draw a picture of it , on the back of a big enough check .