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  • lt 1000 help

    I just got my lt 1000 in the mail and installed the software on my laptop with no issue. Im now trying to operate it with my camera and when I click on new job with everything plugged in there is no video showing and the video screen says "Loading failed. Unable to play file."

    Can anyone help with this? Im not trying to play a video Im trying to view the live feed to record a video.


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    Re: lt 1000 help

    1st is the camera light on? Then in the HQ program up on the top left it should list the video device being used, below that is the sound being used. Make sure the camera is listed, click on the drop down list , if you do not have the video camera listed then the cable is not connected right, or the usb port you are using is not connected or the driver is not loaded allowing you to interface with the camera.
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      Re: lt 1000 help

      From the main screen you start up on in SeeSnake HQ. Click on the top menu. Tools-> Trouble Shooting Tools It will ask you to close HQ in the background and only have the troubleshooting window open. just follow the instructions and I am confident you will be up and running. The troubleshooter will likely just switch your video mode and you will be set.

      Let me know if it works.



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        Re: lt 1000 help

        The "loading failed" error can also occur if your graphics driver is out-of-date. It would be a good idea to verify that you have the most current and correct graphics driver as well. You can find it on the support site for either the computer manufacturer or the support site for the graphics card manufacturer.