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Finding water service mains with no transmitter

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  • Finding water service mains with no transmitter

    I still don't have an answer to this but this is what happened.
    Today about to install a new 1" pex water service leaking 3/4" galvy line.
    Run my sr20 to double check all the utility markings and then I do a passive sweep in the area we are going to dig for any missed lines. And to my surprise the water main lights up my screen I was like did I already hook the transmitter up? Nope it's still hooked to the gas trace wire and off. I go in the basement and see a serious bonding between all the water lines and even the sewer line and I thought great here we go. I called Rick to see if he has ever ran across this he had not. So then I started going up both sides of the street and almost every house I could locate the water line. I could trace the city water main in the street also. Did I get lucky and get the greatest locator ever made that needs no transmitter lol. Then the pigtail was not installed on the home owners property and I have the water dept. coming out to make us a correct pigtail. Line must be energized somewhere in the block I guess
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