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Shower drain inspection

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  • Shower drain inspection

    As I told you before I am new in every thing respecting see-snake...I bought one last week ,and I new it was going to be tricky so I try it in the shower drain at my house...and of course I only went
    through 10 inches:mad old:
    are shower drain tougher than other pipes....2-3"

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    Re: Shower drain inspection

    shower drains have traps and traps are hit or miss. most of the time miss.

    i avoid traps 99.9% of the time. especially old cast iron traps.

    about the only trap that is safe is a modern day plastic p-trap. usually 2'' and larger.

    of course it also depends on the camera unit you purchased.

    next time try the roof vent if it's a straight shot or doesn't have vent 90's

    phoebe it is


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      Re: Shower drain inspection

      Rick Thank`s ...I am looking forward to work in the food industry but I wanted to try home....I was frustrated...I thought it was easy to go trough a"u" bend as I call it
      my camera is a color, 130 feet , sound..... Forbest , is cheaper than ridgid but I thought it is a good beginning


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        Re: Shower drain inspection

        I have a new camera myself. Forget even trying a cast trap with a sewer cam. At least with plastic, it shouldn't be scratched or ground too bad. At this point, I don't even want to put my camera in cast without a skid. If it doesn't fit with the skid, it doesn't go. I'm actually working on some smaller skids, but still no way would I attempt a cast P trap or U bend as you call it. Without the skid, cast really takes a toll on the camera head.