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nanoReel clip-on skid replacement

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  • nanoReel clip-on skid replacement

    I purchased a SeeSnake nanoReel (N85S) last year. The camera came with 2 different skids - a clip-on unit and a smaller screw-on unit. The clip-on skid/spacer for the camera head has broken and my distributor can't seem to locate one. They claim that Ridgid does not list that part yet! I have been handicapped in my work all summer because there are certain applications where that part is vital!

    I have tried to contact Ridgid via their phone number, and when I get to the proper extension all I get is a fast-busy signal. I have sent them a message and I have yet to hear back from them. My rep is currently traveling and has not found out anything yet!

    Is anyone else getting frustrated with Ridgid customer service? I feel like I have hit a brick wall!! I spent a large sum of money for this equipment, including a monitor and a locator, and now that I need a small but necessary part from them I can't find a live person to help!!

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    Re: nanoReel clip-on skid replacement

    does your home page list your email for someone to contact you?

    i'm sure you will get an answer winthin a day or sooner. you've come to the right place.

    that's the 1 camera that i don't actually own. although i do own a small camera similar to that i bought 10 years ago. have used it for domestic water lines.

    phoebe it is


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      Re: nanoReel clip-on skid replacement

      LeakDetective, The part # for the nanoReel ball guides is 42778. Unfortunately the part # wasn't created when the catalog came out so it never made the last print. Check your PM when you get a minute.