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Alternative camera heads for RIDGID microExplorer and CA-100/300

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  • Alternative camera heads for RIDGID microExplorer and CA-100/300

    Hello, has anybody here experimented with fitting camera heads from other manufacturers to the RIDGID micro-series inspection cameras? A lot of the other inspection cameras I have seen seem to use a similar connector, but I expect that the pins may be configured differently. We could really use a 10 mm camera with a high video quality. The RIDGID 6 mm camera is great for the price, but the picture quality is not very good for many low light applications. The RIDGID 17 mm head has a great video quality, but it is too big for many applications. A 10 mm camera with a video quality close to the 17 mm would be great. Of course it would probably have less light since it would be smaller, but we can live with that. I hope RIDGID can offer something soon. In the mean time I want to check if there is a way to attach camera heads from other manufacturers.
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