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100' or 200'?

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  • 100' or 200'?

    I'm new to the forum and drain inspections and am about to purchase some equipment but don't know which way to go.
    I currently own a micro inspection camera and was looking at buying a L100c and a SR-20 for locating but don't know if 100' would ever be too short and I should go with the 200 max.
    If I go with the 200 its 2x the cost and I will also have to buy a laptop interface.
    Anybody with the 100' ever find it being too short?
    Anybody with the 200' ever rarely use over 100'?

    Any other pros and cons to both is appreciated.

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    Re: 100' or 200'?

    Get the 200'. It will also help if you ever lose any cable to a reterm.