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ridgid microreel interconnect cable question

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  • ridgid microreel interconnect cable question

    An employee broke one of the little metal prongs on the microreel cable that inserts into the microexplorer monitor. I came across
    RIDGID 33113 Inter-Connect Cable

    and was wondering if this is the right part that I need. The description seems like it is but when I look at all the images the prongs are different. The image for this part looks like it connects to the bigger monitors not the microexplorer. The prongs I need are little metal ones and I think there are 8 of them not 3 big ones like the image shows. I know there are two interconnect cables and maybe they just use the same image for both cables. My microreel is the 100' version and I want to make sure i buy the right one and don't want to go through the hassle of returning a wrong part. Could someone please verify this is the correct part number? Thank you.

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    Re: ridgid microreel interconnect cable question

    should be the correct part number based on the sheet.

    look at the bottom of page 2 under accessories.

    the other cable is for a normal seesnake monitor.

    phoebe it is