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SeeSnake® MAX rM200 or Mini

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    Re: SeeSnake® MAX rM200 or Mini

    I got the mini though for a 1,000 less than the RM200, thats another reason I went with the mini over the RM200
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      Re: SeeSnake® MAX rM200 or Mini

      I chose the mini.
      With the I think very cool cool gvision s/3000
      John at epl solutions was awesome setting me up today. Ran some test on it with my new mini and burning to a DVD with my new lap top. Worked like a charm and very easy to operate. For you apple folks, it records directly to iPhones I pads I touch etc.
      The pics of the monitor are as it faces direct sunlight.
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          Re: SeeSnake® MAX rM200 or Mini

          Originally posted by gear junkie View Post
          Robert why did you go with a gvision instead of a ridgid monitor? What was your deciding factor? Does the monitor also power the sonde?
          Deciding factor was the better and brighter screen in direct sunlight, no visor to have to peek under, since you don't need one. Very easy to use. More compact. The unit is almost indestructible, he has a video of him chucking it 30ft down a parking lot. Very water resistance so when I'm Jetting and camering I don't have to sweat it. The way it opens for different slanting and the bracket holder(I got two) for both reels was the icing on the cake.


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            Re: SeeSnake® MAX rM200 or Mini

            Yes it powers transmitter as that would be a deal breaker.


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              Re: SeeSnake® MAX rM200 or Mini

              I did my first job with my new mini and monitor. It was awesome compared to my old modified tank monitor with a Sony direct. Clamped it on the reel with a charged battery and boom. Mini with a ball guide and tons of water petered out at 146, this with about 5 turns in old old clay, then new clay, I could see the city about 5ft away, I just couldn't get there. Next time I'll use the standard if it might be over 120, but very happy with the mini and my new monitor.