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  • Push Rod Question

    I have an older Seesnake Plus B/W reel with the black push rod. I noticed lately that I have been having some difficulty pushing out all the way when I have a couple of turns in the first few feet. I unrolled the whole reel the other day and noticed that while most of the pushrod lays straight and flat, there is a section about 5' behind the camera head that lays kind of curvy. Is this normal, or is my pushrod starting to wear out? I have never had to reterm the camera head since owning it, but I did buy it used with about 150' left on the reel, so it obviously has been reterm'd at least once.
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    Re: Push Rod Question

    This is actually a form of kinked cable. When a cable is stressed to far it usually kinks visually on the outside of the cable where the inner rods and the jacket fracture completely. Sometimes the cable can be overstressed where the fiberglass rods splinter inside but don't fracture completely. Sorta like a hairline fracture in a bone. When this type of kink happens you get the wavy pushrod which continues to get worse over time as those splinters continue to travel up and down the rod. This significantly compromises the pushability of the rod. If the wavy section really is only a few feet behind the camera you can have a service center cut that section out and reterm past the wavy stuff. Make sure you have them ensure the internal rod is not splintered otherwise you will have the same problem come back quickly. They will need to cut extra cable out past the wavy section to make sure the fracture is cut out.

    The other option is to just get a new complete pushrod.