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Ridgid Micro CA-100 use?

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  • Ridgid Micro CA-100 use?

    Perhaps..I should have posted this in this forum thread instead of the drain cleaning area...sorry

    Has anyone actually used this handheld with the extensions to push through a 2inch drain line for instance?

    I mean given the size of the actual push-rod (if you can call it that for lack of better terms) would one negotiate through a 45 or a 60, or even a sanitary tee?

    Why am I asking, I have a HVAC contractor in my area that is filing for chapter 11. Has one, with multiple extensions, totaling about 30 feet @ bargain price.

    Regardless of the bargain price though, is it even worth it to purchase or will it sit in my truck collecting dust?

    Thoughts appreciated

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    Re: Ridgid Micro CA-100 use?

    I believe that 30' is the limit for extensions. Straight push is fine, but once you make a turn, the head will no longer lay straight as the pushrod doesn't spring back straight. It will remain in the bent position.

    Unless you have other uses for it, its not a replacement for a micro drain seesnake.

    phoebe it is


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      Re: Ridgid Micro CA-100 use?

      Nice to hear from you again Rick.

      So basically, useless for me.

      Perhaps the HVAC guys were using it to push through straight return ducts...

      In any event ...200$ thought what the hell ..that is cheap, but I never played with one of these ...when I picked it up, I said to myself, what good is this in a drain with a few 45's and 60's ...well you confirmed my thoughts