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  • Lights on Compact color

    I ordered a compact color last week. I've been very impressed with all the seesnake products I've seen in the past but have never seen the "compact" in action. Now that I've found this forum I read that the lights on the mini were much brighter than that of the compact. How worried shoud I be about the brightness level on the compact color? I used another brand camera once that had lights so dim that the camera was all but useless. I plan on using this camera for residential 4" lines. Is it bright enough?

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    The lights on the compact are more than enough for residential lines up to 4". In fact, with a push of a button, the lights on the compact can be dimmed if you find that they provide too much light.

    It is true that the compact has less lights. The compact has 24 white LED's versus the mini's 30 white LED's, however, the mini is rated up to 8" lines where the compact is designed for 4" lines.
    Mark F. Fleming<br />Product Manager<br />RIDGID/Kollmann


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      Thanks Mark!

      I feel better.
      My new camera should get here today, I can't wait to put it to use. I have two jobs waiting for it right now.