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I phone connection to ridgid cameras

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  • I phone connection to ridgid cameras

    Is there any option to connect ridgid camera to iPads or iPhones

    Aussie plumber Greg

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    Re: I phone connection to ridgid cameras

    Fantastic question Greg. Mind you I don't know the answer and will wait for the Master to pipe in here. Don't ring our reps down here they wouldn't have a clue.

    I would like to add to this question if you don't mind and ask how many use an Apple notebook for surveys. I recently was given a disc to look at for a client and the bloke who did it used an Apple Notebook. Normally I can put the disc into any computer and it will play on Microsoft media player. Not this one. Had to load onto main system in office on ridgid program in order to view. Some guys here love their Apple and hate anything Microsoft. Any comments either way??????????


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      Re: I phone connection to ridgid cameras

      Hi Greg,

      While we can't give specifics regarding future products, I can say there is an exciting future for SeeSnake HQ and it's compatibility with different operating systems, technology ecosystems, and hardware product form factors. We always appreciate the feedback, and thank you for posting!

      Thank you

      SeeSnake HQ Support Team