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    Originally posted by theplungerman View Post
    Re: General Locator

    He did prove though his had a better depth capability then the Sr 20. Mine was petering out at about 15 feet. His went to about 25. He laid the sonde on the bench and we walked away. This was free air so to speak.
    Then he put it in cast iron. Mine was good to about 10 feet,,, his went about 18 ft..
    His cost is 1100.and looks like the old school locator paddle gig.
    So mine is way faster and his goes deeper...
    On the Seektech 20 and 60 you can go into the menu options and enable Signal Focus Control, I think it should be on by default but anyway I think it is on 4 stock it will show up on the bottom left of the screen, then you can hit the down arrow to lower it as low as .5 I think but I use 2 the most. It will now have a better distance for detecting and more pinpoint if you need the exact spot. But there is a bad side........ to process this greater ability it will take longer (not much) so it slows you down a little. I flip onto 4 to start with then as I get near the target I flip it lower and move it real slow to obtain the highest numbers. There are other things to use also but that is one I use a lot. I broke down and bought the sr-60 because I needed the simultaneous tracking feature. It is pretty cool to track 33hz on the camera push rod and the 512 beacon in the camera at the same time. One more thing on the SR-20 it has a lot of other common freq. programed into it that are hidden as well by default that match other brands of sondes and transmitters. Different freqs are good when working in cast iron for example. I have tried hooking up a bluetooth adapter to the serial port to join with my GPS unit but so far no go. I look strange with this yellow back pack with an antenna sticking up behind my head and a yellow sr-60 cruising along but I will get it figured out.
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    • theplungerman
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      Editing a comment
      Great info in the post. Thanks I'll check that out Pronto.
      So if I'm doing a roof job and forget to turn on locator re monitor I can switch to 33hz for a pre locate to start.

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    Only if you hooked your transmitter up to the transmitter port on your monitor and you choose 33hz on the sr-20
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    you forgot to turn on the transmiiter sonde and you're on the roof with your equipment. time to climb back up the ladder and turn it on or you'll be getting ghost signals.

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      I did my first locate with the st-305 brick on the sr20. Super easy and very cool. The water service is leaking under concrete and about 15 ft away in 2 different directions the pipe is for a reroute, but where exactly? 5 minutes bam, its right there,,, and here is your solid quote to repair.