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Root or Tile?

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    Re: Root or Tile?

    Originally posted by gear junkie View Post
    I agree with rick on that being a big root. However I'll buck the norm and guess you're at the 4x6 and here's why. The leading edge is very clean. I've never seen root intrusions where I can see the edge of a pipe....except at the 4x6. I'm guessing you're using a K60? Not a big fan of the sharktooth cause it uses torque to bust through a blockage. I prefer the spiral saw blades.

    So the root ranger.....the root ranger is the only reason why I cut roots all day in 6" pipe with a 13hp jetter. If it wasn't for that nozzle I'd have to upsize to at least a 27hp so I could use a warthog.....which btw...isn't sounding like a great root cutter unless your at 4018.

    I'll have him do the bucket test tomorrow. The holding tank sounds like a good idea too.

    Ben: I'm using my Rothenberger R750 which is basically a suitcase K1500SP. I have a C11 on the front and then reduce down to General 7/8" IC cable for the rest using a Rothenberger reducing coupling. I typically use the sharktooth cutters as a finishing cutter. This line is 4" CI with a 3.5" cleanout into a 6" lateral.

    We typically do not have 4X6 transitions in the parkway like you guys do. If we do have a 4X6 transition it is just past the foundation and goes from 4" CI into 6" Clay with nothing more than cement globbed around the transition. I am able to push the camera all the way out to the city main with the ball guide on it and the pipe does not increase in size after this point. So not a 4X6 here, Sorry dood! T


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      Re: Root or Tile?

      Originally posted by PLUMBER RICK View Post
      you could always use a holding tank / 55 gallon plastic drum to feed it from if need be. 4 gpm is that a lot to get out of your frost proof bibs?

      Frost proof bibbs? lol. Only find them on houses that have been remodeled or have had repairs over the years. Typical to find 1/2" galvanized through the wall to a conventional multiturn sillcock with a wall flange (lucky if they are 60-70% port flow). 4 GPM can be a stretch for some really old houses, especially the bungalows in the near West suburbs. I like the 55 gallon drum idea though. Fill it on the job and run from that


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        Re: Root or Tile?

        Oh well, can't get them all. If you can use the ball guide then you can use the root ranger without much of an issue.
        Buy cheap, buy twice.


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          Re: Root or Tile?

          If you're using a ball guide through that mess, it's got to be a 6" line.

          As ben mentioned, a spiral saw is what I use to cut out roots. Forward rotation its a saw cutter and reverse rotation, it's a hook auger.

          1.25" cable all the way with a spiral saw will do some serious damage to the large hard root. But the jetter will finish off what the cable can't. Or the jetter can knock it out all together.

          My jetter has been working overtime this week. Back at it this morning after Phoebe's gymnastic class. If she didn't have a birthday party to be at, she'd be riding shotgun today. She loves helping with the jetter and camera.

          can ron come by with his jetter if need be? Are you close enough to his service area?

          Been trying to get ben into a larger jetter, but he's been too successful with his little 1 and the root ranger.

          He'll eventually go big or go home. I see it happening in less than a year

          phoebe it is


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            Re: Root or Tile?

            Jetting all the way downunder. Music to Aussie Bill's ears....................!!!!

            We still have a lot of guys using the 1500 cable machines but the real guys love the Root-Rangers and water.


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              Re: Root or Tile?

              Before I got a jetter and had these kind of,, I can't pass that big root dude,,, I would treat with rootx and come back in no less then 3 weeks, and get through every time.
              Root ranger,,, Yes it's an awesome tool. And a must for some set ups. But if your like me, and want to sit on a bucket and chit chat with anyone who will listen while jetting and don't want to turn the tool around and around. Then it's not for you.
              With that being said I used to use it with my old cart jetter and it did a good job. I'm a perfectionist and want zero hangers,,, and I had to many. Maybe I was using it wrong and should have let Ben teach me when he offered.,,, Smile
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