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Seektech SR-60 aftermarket add ons

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  • Seektech SR-60 aftermarket add ons

    Was looking in another companies brochure for seektech add ons so that I can combine gps data with the seektech data and saw a device that gave the true depth for items when on a slope. Company website does not look updated in a few years HM Home
    Great catalog for download at

    here is the page they have showing a sr-22 field kit
    Notice using a Gamin Fish finder with a seektech for water depths

    In the catalog page 27 for the device I am asking about. Has Seektech ever made anything like this?
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    Re: Seektech SR-60 aftermarket add ons

    Here is the home page,,, I'm like WHAT???
    Your a couple levels higher than me. How do I learn that? Lol

    Welcome to our site and thank you for taking the time to learn more about Spectrum XLI products. As an introduction, Spectrum XLI is a family of products designed for comprehensive Indirect Line Inspection. Whether for geodetic line mapping (GPS Centerline) or as part of an External Corrosion Direct Assessment (ECDA) survey, XLI has a solution.

    Spectrum XLI Field accomplishes this by combining Spectrum XLI’s patent pending technologies with existing technologies to consistently produce accurate and concise XLI data.

    Spectrum XLI Office completes the suite by introducing the industry's most comprehensive Non-intrusive XLI data processing and reporting software.

    Please Register on our site. This will give you access to XLI Technical Documents and Application Notes, XLI Falcon account management and enable on-line purchase of XLI Falcon Credits.


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      Re: Seektech SR-60 aftermarket add ons

      Most of those options are stated to have ~1m or greater accuracy, not very good if you ask me.
      If you're doing pipeline mapping that might be good enough. But is 1m or 3m close enough when
      you're working in close proximity to other buried commodities such as gas lines?
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