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Clearing Improper Shut Shown

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  • Clearing Improper Shut Shown

    I got a Improper Shutdown on my CS10. How do I clear it out? Is there a way to reset it? I had the power go out on me while using the SeeSnake Mini and CS10, now the screen reads improper shut down and does not read footage.
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    Re: Clearing Improper Shut Shown

    on my cs1000 it says that sometimes even when I did shut it down the right way but anyway when I reboot the message is gone after the system check. Did you remove the battery and let it sit for a minute then try rebooting it?
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        Re: Clearing Improper Shut Shown

        Rebootting is a fancy word for restarting the machine.

        By removing the battery after powering down, it clears what was in the memory.

        I've inquiried about an eprom memory, but ii don't believe they use it. Would be nice to have a way to preserve the footage counter when the battery runs low and you have to swap batteries during an inspection. Even a simple little 9 volt battery backup would be nice.

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          Re: Clearing Improper Shut Shown

          Sounds like the same procedure that one would use to reboot a wonky working cell phone.


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            Re: Clearing Improper Shut Shown

            Mine say that often on startup. They are cranky; you can tell from their whiny voices. I push the center button and the message goes away.