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Two more questions for the techies.

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  • Two more questions for the techies.

    I got my color mini back from service today, and I had to give back the B/W compact I've demoed for a couple of weeks. First job this morning was a visual inspection and a locate of the exiting sewer line on a two story house without cleanouts. I can't begin to tell you how much I miss the compact. So much that, I've decided to buy one. O.K., a couple of questions.... First, I realize I won't be able to get a color picture using the mini with the B/W monitor. Will the brightness of the mini's lights be adjusted in the same manner as the compact's, by toggling the switch? Will it work as well as it does with its control box? Also I have the same questions about the mini's in-line transmitter? And hey, speaking of transmitters, how reliable is the compact's transmitter after running say a 1 hour video inspection (starting with a fully charged battery)? Is it best to run a cord when locating? I use a KD4550.
    O.K. one last thing (I hear you saying "Thank Heavens"), How can I get my hands on a couple of SeeSnake decals large enough to display on the back doors of 2 vans?
    Let me thank you, in advance, for answering all my questions, because I know you will, as you always have. One more of the many reasons I buy Ridgid.


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    I forwarded your questions to our techies...their response follows:

    The mini color Seesnake will work just fine with the B&W Compact Monitor. It does draw a bit more current than the B&W Compact, but the transmitter and LED’s will function properly. The LED’s on the mini color are much brighter than the compact, so there isn’t as much of a noticeable difference between some of the LED brightness levels. However, there is a big difference between the full bright and full dim settings.

    Fortunately, the type of battery that we use has a very flat discharge rate curve, which means that the voltage level will stay fairly even until the battery actually dies. You should not have any problems with the transmitter signal strength dropping off after an hour especially if you start with a fully charged battery.

    As far as stickers go you can email me directly.