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KD4000, Locator Questions

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  • KD4000, Locator Questions

    This is my first post after finding this forum and I hope some of you can help. We are a plumbing company that currently utilizes a host of Ridgid products from the lowly 8" pipe wrench up to a See Snake and are interested in the KD4000 locator system. Has anybody here used it or had first had experience with it? Also, since it seems the Ridgid people monitor this board, can you put me in touch with the local rep in the Southwest Chicago suburbs who would be able to give us a good demo of the unit? And, finally, we are definitely intereseted in the new locator system and would appreciate a hands on feel as well. Please email me at with any pertitinent info. Thanks.

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    I can not comment on the 400 unit but am a very proud owner of the new navitrack locator and can say after owning a radio detection and an lf 2000 unit this beats them hands down!!! It is by far the best unit I have ever use dto locate with.